Managed Security Service

With the number of security breaches targeting enterprises reaching record high, namely ransomware, data breach and availability outage, it has become an uphill battle for most enterprises to rely on their in-house resources to address this widening gap.

Bright Nexus Managed Security Services offer an around-the-clock 24x7 monitoring, reporting and management to help secure your organization, while improving your security and compliance posture to better protect your critical assets.

SOC Monitoring & Remediation

Around-the-clock Monitoring & Management

Protecting your data and information system against regular cyberattacks and security threats doesn’t necessarily requires upfront heavy investment in technology, people and process. With our Security Operation Center (SOC) Monitoring and Remediation services, we offer around-the-clock security monitoring services, which offloads your team from repetitive, mundane tasks and in turn allows them to focus on strategic and higher priority issues.

Be rest assured that your digital assets and data are highly safeguarded and closely monitored 24/7 all year round. While threats are evolving as you carry on with your business, so is Bright Nexus who has developed the capability to not only monitor and manage, but proactively share the intelligence with you to take on a preventive approach.

Resident Engineer

Responsive On-Site Support

Now, with a team of highly skilled resident engineers and IT experts based onsite within arm’s reach, all your IT concerns ranging from Network Security, Endpoint Security, Cloud Security and compliance requirements are well-taken care of, and at a much faster turn-around timeline.


All-Encompassing and Extensive Solutions Covering All Aspects

To meet the various IT needs and diversity of businesses, we offer a one-stop centre with wide-ranging products and solutions that encompasses all aspects of your organization’s IT security needs.

From enhanced endpoint security features and deployment of cloud security to uncompromising compliance prerequisites, we offer security solutions that best suit your business needs.

Tackling your IT Needs in Every Phase

Meeting the requirements of different phases of IT security needs, ranging from planning phase, design phase to implementation and integration phase as well as preventive and operations phase, Bright Nexus team pledges to be your organization’s trusted partner in improving your security posture and threat resiliency.

Addressing your Compliance needs

Our team of highly qualified and experienced IT experts are well versed in regulatory as well as industry security compliance requirements such as ISO27001, Personal Data Protection Act, PCI-DSS, etc.. It has always been our commitment to our customers to ensure full compliance of security regulations, standards as well as internal policies.

Incident Response

Swift Incident Response Towards Security Breaches & Prompt Recovery

Time is the essence to any form of security breach! The ability to minimize the impact and reduce the costs resulting from a security breach greatly depends on the speed of an incident response team in handling security breach.

Therefore, Bright Nexus incident response team strives to offer the most effective and efficient incident response possible to our customers. We are constantly ready to respond, and utmost committed to the assets and artifacts entrusted to us.

Absolute Readiness in Every Aspect for More Efficient Incident Response!

From the phase of detection, containment and eradication of security threats up to the data recovery phase, our incident response team is on standby 24/7 to provide quick and swift support to tackle any security threats to minimize risks and losses.

Security Advisory

Stay Alert with Latest News Updates on Security Threats!

Stay abreast with the latest threat intelligence and security updates with our regular security newsletter, alerts against latest threats and industry news. Our SOC has a team devoted to analyzing relevant security updates and channel them along to our valued customers.

Security Consulting

Getting the Right Solutions with the Right Consultation

The sophistication and ever-evolving nature of security threats has led to wider and more sophisticated attack vectors. Hence, the “one-size-fits-all” solutions may not be applicable to all aspects, which makes acquiring the right consultation to get the best solutions that specifically fit your organization utmost importance.

Our consultants are armed with decades of experience in security consulting as well as security operations. Proven by successful project implementation and customer track records, we are committed to help customers in maintaining a reasonable security posture in relation to the customer’s risk appetite. Our security consultants carry with them industry recognized credentials such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, ISO27001 auditor, CCSK, and multiple other product certifications, which demonstrates our devotion to constantly improve and adopt latest trends and skills.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

By running the vulnerability assessment, penetration test and PCI scanning, we are able to help your organization detect, identify and subsequently track the identified vulnerability until closure.

To take it one step further to complete the vulnerability management lifecycle, our team is highly experienced in remediation management. We do not stop at offering mere recommendation to the vulnerabilities discovered, Bright Nexus stands out among other competitors by implementing the actual remedial activities that best suits your organization’s security needs together with your team.

Cloud Security

Best Deployment of Cloud Security

Deployment of innovative technologies and best practices to address data level, applications level as well as infrastructure level protection is our commitment to our customers who aim to move their operational model to be fully or partially cloud-centric. Bright Nexus works with world class security partners to provide security solutions and services ranging from deterrent and preventive controls to detective and corrective controls to help our customer in addressing security governance, operations, compliance requirements on the cloud, or across clouds.

What’s more, with an on premise or cloud-based security policy enforcement point, namely the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), you can now address cloud service risks and enforce security policies with greater control and flexibility.