The Driving Force Towards Airtight Security

About Us

Guarding the best interest of your organization by means of managing potential risks and providing preventive measures against security threats has always been our ultimate aim since Bright Nexus inception in 2005.

We strive to help our customers step up on their security posture by offering our solutions and services from 3 touch points working towards ultimate convergence.

Solutions Integrator

In Bright Nexus, we pride ourselves for being the trusted and preferred partners to multiple world class brands in the security industry. Bright Nexus boasts of unparalleled work force comprising certified individuals from various levels and various security disciplines who takes care of the design, deployment, and support of the security solutions invested by your organization.

Managed Security Services Provider

As a serious Managed Security Services Provider, we offer top-notch monitoring and remediation capabilities. Offloading cumbersome, repetitive monitoring activities to our Security Operations Center and transforming it into actionable, accurate security directives is what we do best. Subsequently fixing and cleaning up the identified gaps simply comes natural to us, as we see it as mere common sense in living up to our commitment to your organization. Our Managed Security Services promises to strengthen your security defences to combat ever evolving security threats while keeping the cost low.

Security Consulting Services

Our consultants are passionate about security. Armed with decades of experience in systems, networks, applications and security, our highly credentialed consultants would simply love to talk to you on how we could go about helping your organization improve your security posture, filling up gaps and executing security programs that aims to elevate your organization’s security posture.